Vol. 08.11.2020 | Artist Spotlight Maura Allen + Objects

Maura Allen celebrates the American West—past and present, real and
romanticized. From ranch to rodeo, canyons to the plains, she combines modern
day moments with vintage elements, giving a sense the past is always present.
On wood, glass or steel, her work is proof the simplicity of the silhouette has the
power to captivate.

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Vol. 07.16.2020 | Lines

The quality of the line is in itself a fundamental visual language, to an extent that cannot be claimed for any other single element. Its use is so universal that we are all profoundly sensitive to it. Even without an artist’s training, we can extract considerable meaning from the kind of line used in a drawing.

Vol. 07.09.2020 | Modern Botanical Influence

Botanical design is influenced by nature. Rather than stopping at simple nature-inspired themes, botanical and organic design aims to be holistic in the sense that it seeks to harmoniously integrate both human and natural motifs. Taelor Fisher,  Fabio Modica, Jeri Eisenberg, Bill Claps, and others take their views of nature and plant life and transform that into artwork.  Bring their reflections on nature into your space to create an organic feel.