Artist Spotlight IV | Kelsey Irvin

Kelsey Irvin’s work is collecting traces of peoples lives. Her work is very much related to memories and storylines. Her admired artists are Antoni Tàpies, and Andrew Wyeth with their deep work of nostalgia and bringing life to the overlooked. Irvin is driven to bring new life to objects that may otherwise be lost and deteriorated in time. The challenge she seeks is to maintain a balance between working with such old objects and recreating them in a contemporary artwork that holds the test of time.

Email Highlight| Figurative Painting

We see a more worldwide acceptance of all types of art; figurative is particularly popular as art enthusiasts of all types can view art and recollect (or discover) the story behind the work. Modern figurative artists used a variety of mediums to tell their stories

Artist Spotlight III | János Huszti

A challenging portraitist and emerging creator with a conceptual thinking. Huszti elaborates his constantly changing topics with momentum and precision. He depicts historical times, special characters and places from the past, using all kinds of materials to express his interpretations.

Artist Spotlight II | Alan Alldredge

Alan Alldredge investigates processual abstraction with flowing pathways of texture, reflection and illusion. Taking cues from the natural world, he aims to reinforce the belief that beauty is part of the sacred through his work. Alldredge’s “cast monoprints” force him to surrender to the process. Through the work’s meditative visuals and complex origins, he seeks to create a transcendent sacred object for the viewer.

Sunday Selects | Fresh Perspective

Happy 2021… 

We are so excited to ring in  a brand new year to refocus and regain perspective.  We hope this year brings you new ways of experiencing sanctuary in your work and personal spaces.  …New ways to find and use information.  ..New experiences that build and establish relationships.  We are so honored to have the opportunity to connect with you.  And of course, we are looking forward to showing you all of the new art and objects heading our way.

Happy New Year to you all! 

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sunday selects | the shape of things

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