Vol 03.24.2020 | Brandon Reese

Brandon Reese’s focus on experimentation and varying techniques relates to his belief that the best part of life is the process, “My art wears the fingerprints, cuts, dents and other texturing as a roadmap and documentation of its creation.” He works primarily with stoneware and porcelain. Reese’s most recent pieces combine salt glazed stoneware and reclaimed native wood. His work is predominately known for its simple, familiar forms created in a variety of methods and at such large scales that the pieces push the traditional boundaries of ceramic art.


Vol 03.17.2020 | Kollabs

“Kollabs is a collaboration between Miami-based artist, Luis Garcia-Nerey and Atlanta-based artist, Anke Schofield. They explore questions on the human construct within the forest and its inhabitants. Kollabs’ offer the viewer a preview into a familiar environment while challenging them to examine the existence of human and animal beings.”“


Vol 03.10.2020 | Yasha Butler

Introducing Yasha Butler,  a ceramicist who believes in minimalism that doesn’t strip away meaning.

Yasha is a sculptor and designer who is passionate about helping people experience beauty in the everyday. She works with clay to create objects that add a sense of poetry. From sculptural vessels to simple wall hangings, her work gives people the tools to craft spaces that they love living in. Minimal, elegant and organic, her style embraces the perfectly imperfect.