Highlight | Animals

Animals have been a source of inspiration for many artists. From art about rural life and growth, to myths and legends, animals are used in art in many different ways. Art can help us explore our relationship to wildlife and can help us think about how we care for animals and the environment.

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Highlight | Works on Paper

For many, the freedom and immediacy afforded by working on paper became instrumental to their practices, spawning new techniques and aesthetics, subjects and methods. Far from being confined to studies and experiments, works on paper represent important modes of art-making in their own right

Artist Spotlight 11.18.2020 | Morgan Robinson

“I attempt to stay clear of the mundane by taking a closer look at the things that can do nothing else but encompass my sight. Unable to ignore organic language, I follow the indigenous bends in pieces of nature. There is no part of my environment too obscure to inspire. Refracted light and shadows overlapping as well as elements that can be held in your hand or seen with a magnifying glass – they all hold purpose and contain beauty. The beauty perceived is what suggests a more insightful, more meaningful spirituality. The meaning projects out of imagination and undeniable existence, and attraction is seen from a vast array of perspectives.”