May 24, 2022

Featured Artist | Patrick Adams

"I have been painting images of the landscape for over twenty years now in an attempt to convey the experience of being in this vast, ever-changing space of light and form. However, I am not interested in simply producing a painting with a likeness to a particular place. What does interest me is expressing my existentially confirmed experience of a place; or, perhaps I should say, its essence. This is why I return to the same handful of places over and over again. These places are inexhaustible sources of inspiration because each experience of them is unique."

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Patrick Adams
May 17, 2022

Featured Artist | Deborah T Colter

"Discovery comes through the process of painting. Inspiration starts with a mark, a color, a form, a layer, and it builds from there. I refuse to be bound by a specific direction or an expected outcome. Each of us is profoundly different - peace begins when expectations end. We are all on our own path. I choose to walk the path of creativity. My work speaks of this path of discovery; it speaks of the unknown, of the pure pleasure of form, of line, of color."

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deborah colter shop
April 24, 2022

Sunday Selects | abstract expressions

Bill Claps work illustrates the universal roots and common elements that are shared by all cultures, often referencing art history and language. Brenda Zappitell is inspired by the traditions and methods Abstract Expressionism. She feel a strong affinity for artists such as Joan Mitchell and Willem De Kooning, whose work also emphasizes action and emotion over ideas. Like these artists, Brenda strive to capture fleeting images in an improvisational “alla prima” style.”

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bernd haussmann painting with girl and dog