Vol 03.17.2020 | Kollabs

“Kollabs is a collaboration between Miami-based artist, Luis Garcia-Nerey and Atlanta-based artist, Anke Schofield. They explore questions on the human construct within the forest and its inhabitants. Kollabs’ offer the viewer a preview into a familiar environment while challenging them to examine the existence of human and animal beings.”“


Vol 03.10.2020 | Yasha Butler

Introducing Yasha Butler,  a ceramicist who believes in minimalism that doesn’t strip away meaning.

Yasha is a sculptor and designer who is passionate about helping people experience beauty in the everyday. She works with clay to create objects that add a sense of poetry. From sculptural vessels to simple wall hangings, her work gives people the tools to craft spaces that they love living in. Minimal, elegant and organic, her style embraces the perfectly imperfect.



Vol 03.03.2020 | Lori Cozen Geller + Objects

“During the art process, Cozen-Geller looks to capture the emotions of the heart and mind and places them into visual form within space. “This process is a kinetic one for me. It is a journey that begins with a feeling, evolves into a powerful emotion and is then transformed into art. By freezing emotions and placing them into concrete form, I can then sit back and view the strength and meaning that now lies within the piece that has materialized as art.”


Vol. 02.25.2020 | Michelle Y Williams

Imperfections, flaws, rust, asymmetry, texture, peeling paint and the principles of wabi-sabi all enliven and excite Michelle Y Williams. She approaches her blank canvas with just a beginning and no preconceived end result. Williams seeks to find balance within the work; experimenting and exploring ways to refine her craft without self-constraint. “If I am able to engage the observer, make a connection which couldn’t be conveyed verbally and ultimately elicit a visceral reaction - my work is done.”

Michelle Y Williams began her cut series in 2001. beginning with steel which is torched by hand, she applies her various materials creating small, original paintings which cross the line into dimensional sculpture by way of her trademark plexiglass mount using bronze hardware. These small works may also become a sort of maquette, often inspiring larger works on canvas or wood. Many of Michelle’s loyal collectors await with anticipation of new pieces for their expanding collections of her ongoing “cut” series.