bernd haussman | on relationship with the work

Modern interior design image of Bernd Haussmann artwork featuring home decor in shades of black, brown and teal.  There is a wood bowl, an orthoceras bowl and a teak sphere on a white table.


If you want to build a relationship with a work you need to be open and present, and you need more time.
The painting that seems the most challenging, irritating, boring, ugly, sweet- -the one you think you already know or the one that seems too far out - is the one you pick.
Sit in front of it and look carefully.
First you will see some paint and stuff on a surface.
Then slowly, with patience, openness, curiosity and presence, you will go beyond.
And the painting you least wanted to talk to will talk to you.
Listen carefully, absorb with all your senses and let the mind create a new experience.


Artist Spotlight | Gigi Mills + Objects


Gigi Mills work is born out of her need and desire to simplify and/or reduce each moment to its absolute essential, by removing details from life that tend to obscure what is truly being experienced. It is also her desire to bare witness to, and often to lift up in beauty what is so often considered unwanted or held in despair. Ms. Mills was born in Ohio into the well known Mills Brothers Circus family.


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Exhibit by Aberson has been searching for and acquiring objects from around the world. A fusion of modern design and primitive form, these design objects are hand-selected to add texture and interest to spaces.


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We are here for you. Please feel free to contact us for help with an existing project, to set up a private viewing time at the gallery or with questions. Our website is 24/7 too. We miss all of you. Stay safe and well. We look forward to when we get to see you again soon. 


creating your SANCTUARY

The word “sanctuary” literally means, a place of safety or refuge.  Currently, we are all in the position of getting really comfy in our current environments. And probably most of you are looking at one or two areas that you reallly had been wanting to spruce up. The above photo is the home of a client with artwork we placed for their unique project. 

Photo by Adam Murphy [email protected] on Instagram.  

Exhibit by Aberson is very used to those types of conversations, and have been  helping many of you do just that for quite some time.  Whether you need artwork or objects or assistance with curating, we are happy to help.  We work with individuals, with designers, with corporations to create a cohesive design that fits your needs. 

If you have a space and want our input, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] or call 918.740.1054 to schedule an appointment or text us a photo of that space that needs an update.  We will put together a list of possibilities once we know your aesthetic direction and ideas.  There are so many options and ways that we can be of assistance. We can work with artists  to commission work for specific sizes or color palettes. We can put together an entirely curated space complete with objects and essential design elements. 

And, if you just want to say hello, please do.. we miss all of you, and want you to stay well. 

So looking forward to hearing from you! 


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