Susan Eddings Perez

January 15, 2015

Susan Eddings Perez describes the beginning of her art career as a “series of happy accidents”.


She had always been interested in making artwork, but in the midst of caring for her children and working as an interior designer, she never had the time to sit down and focus on her ideas. A few years ago, after a sequence of seemingly unfortunate events — include a totaled garage door that required serious renovation and a case of West Nile Virus — she was able to realize her dream by creating a beautiful new studio from her old garage as well as dedicated a large handful of time to making her work. “I never would have had that open time in my studio if it weren’t for the mosquito that bit me”.



After that, Susan learned in her life to embrace the ups and downs and well as the ‘happy accidents’, knowing they may bring about something serendipitous and beautiful. This philosophy also applies to her work and practice, which is built on the idea of experimentation and inspiration that derives from a keen artistic eye and an enthusiasm for finding inspiration from her natural surroundings. She says, “I’ve learned so much from experimentation. Sometimes these experiments actually end up being the things that I like the most in my work. At first it just feels like I’m trying something out, but then I look at it again and realize, “Wow, that actually turned out to be more beautiful than I could have imagined.”