Carolyn Cole Studio Visit in Portland Oregon

May 30, 2012

Last week I had the pleasure of making a visit to Carolyn Cole’s beautiful studio in Portland, Oregon.  Carolyn’s paintings are widely recognized, but came into national attention most recently in March 2010, when her work was featured in Architectural Digest.  This year, one of Carolyn’s paintings was added to the Portland Art Museum.  Carolyn is a rigorous worker, and paints everyday.  The day of my visit found her a bit bereft of paintings, since she had recently opened a show at her Portland gallery.  Carolyn’s work is shown throughout the United States, and her schedule mapped out months in advance, so I felt lucky to have the opportunity to visit her on my brief visit to Portland.  

Carolyn shared several new paintings with me, some of which I have shown in photos.  In the next few weeks, we will be receiving several of these new pieces. 

Carolyn shared that she is using a new, softer, richer color palette which lends a silkiness to the pieces that makes them very comfortable and easy to live with.  Cole’s control of paint and her attention to color theory are immediately evident in this new body of work.  

Exhibit is so excited to welcome Carolyn to the gallery in September this year! Stay tuned for updates and more images of new paintings.

Thanks Carolyn for a fabulous studio tour!