Kim Fonder

Rosa Chiaro I

This piece utilizes subtle pink and juxtaposes it on brown, causing both colors to pop. Through these colors, pieces of gold are revealed. A minimalist piece from afar, but the closer you are to the piece, the more complex and the more beautiful it becomes. The angle of the rose on top of the brown draws the eye down the piece, towards the bottom left-hand corner, and then swoops it upwards again. The variation in both hues, ensures that there is plenty to look at in the piece. The gold breaks through the pink and provides both shine and visual interest to this large work. Comprised of mixed media on burlap, this piece is 80" x 80" x 2.5" and is priced at $9700.

• Mixed Media on Burlap
80.00w x 80.00h x 2.00d in
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Rosa Chiaro I by Kim Fonder