Kimerlee Curyl


Limited Editions are available in the following sizes and mediums: 24x36, 30x45, 36x54, 40x60, 50x75, 60x90.


Museum Metallic Print with Flush Mounted Plexi Glass

Cotton Rag Print with Gallery White Box Fram

Metal Sublimation (largest 48x72)

*not all pieces are available as 50x75/60x90, please inquire

The beautiful mare above was incredible. Its still morning, and climbing

quickly towards 100 already. Her stallion was running her absolutely wild

through the rough terrain and sagebrush. Seeing them the day before with a

larger band, it was clear he had lost the rest of them and was not going to

loose her too. However, she had other ideas. She was talented and athletic,

had speed and power throwing some good blows with her hind end while

maintaing a fierce gallop through that intense land. Once to the watering

hole, he got sidetracked by a challenging stallion. She dove in deep,

swimming in some parts making her way to the middle where she filled up

with nourishing water and cooling her sweat soaked body. He actually let

her rest for a bit, and then the chasing resumed. That is the hardest I have

ever seen a stallion run a young mare, but once the move was on, he had to

work, as she was not giving in without a good fight. There is nothing like the

power of a mare.

• museum metallic print with flush mounted plexi glass
40.00w x 60.00h x 2.00d in
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HEALING WATERS by Kimerlee Curyl
HEALING WATERS by Kimerlee Curyl