VOL. 07.25.2017 | FEATURE JEN PACK

July 25, 2017

Image of VOL. 07.25.2017 | FEATURE JEN PACK


Jen Pack’s fabric constructions are created to allow light to pass through them, combining the effects of ambient light and translucent fabric. Using commercially available rather than hand dyed silk, the works are actually collages arranged from available color. Investigating color theory and the interaction of color is the main function of Pack’s work. But unlike the typical association of color theory as hard edged, the works are organic rather than clean lined - as are patterns and forms in nature. The work marries the imperfect quality of the handmade with the sameness and regularity of machine stitching. Pack strives to integrate hybrid ideas: straddling the fence between craft and art, color theory and the rawness of an emotional response to intense color, and reinterpreting formal minimalism in the context of a feminine convention.

Jen Pack earned her BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, and has exhibited her work in a number of galleries throughout San Los Angeles, and Portland. Pack’s unique works in chiffon have been reviewed by the LA Times and Artweek