Vol. 05.11.2017

May 11, 2017


Inspired by the natural beauty of her hometown of Martha’s Vineyard, Jessica Pisano’s interest in art started at a young age. She pursued her passion for the arts at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, graduating in 1999 with a BFA in painting and photography. Pisano participated in a year abroad program to study fine art at the Lorenzo de Medici School in Florence, Italy. In 2002, she earned an MA in Arts Administration from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Pisano is an award-winning artist who has had numerous solo and group shows. Her work is widely collected in both private and public collections all over the world. She lives on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard, MA.

Artist Statement
As an artist, I have always been inspired by nature; it is my muse. Specifically trees and birds are the primary subjects that I paint. I am drawn to the comparison and contrast of these two subject matters. Birds, in many ways symbolize the opposite traits of trees. While trees are majestic and represent strength, stability and growth (they are grounded in nature), birds are light, delicate and epitomize freedom (and are mobile in nature). Together, they create balance: the bird is the weightlessness to the tree’s weight, the yin to the yang.

Artist Process
My work is both abstract and representational. I use the traditional indirect painting techniques of the Old Masters by applying oil paint in many translucent layers to give the paintings a detailed, rich and radiant appearance. As a contrast, I also use contemporary techniques in which paint is applied in an experimental and intuitive manner. This combination of art techniques from both the past and the present is an interesting juxtaposition of styles creating a unique overall look.