Vol. 01.23.2020 | Artist Spotlight Pascal Pierme

January 11, 2020

Image of Vol. 01.23.2020 | Artist Spotlight Pascal Pierme

Francois Mitterrand said, “I love the person who is searching, yet I am afraid of the one who thinks he has found the answer.” In my life I have much more pleasure with the questions than with finding the answers, except when the answer is a new question. And that is where the obsession to create begins.

My work presents a sweet interrogation versus a statement. Success occurs when the viewer feels involved in the creativity. They ask their own questions that are perhaps different from mine, even if to find the same answer. To me, nothing is more boring than to be in total control.

I am inspired by the verb more than the adjective. I want my work to be recognized by its essence, not by the way it appears. By not being locked in to a “category” I am able to maintain freedom. This allows for a constant evolution in medium and subject.

Much like creating a novel in just a few sentences, I am creating a fundamental alphabet with which to speak my own language. Getting to the essential is the most difficult part for me and for many artists. We often put too much varnish on words, expressions, or attitudes. Through this process my work has become more minimal. Maturity has also given me the ability to take more risks

For decades, balance, movement, inquiry, architecture and nature have been reoccurring themes in my work. I am interested in assimilating what is not supposed to fit – the combining of contrasting elements. My main ingredient is chemistry. I feel the movement and then freeze that moment in the interaction and take a “snapshot” – capturing a split second in the evolution. Thereby creating something that is abstract and at the same time, quite figurative. As such, my work can be experienced as organic. It moves. It is alive, it comes from somewhere, it is going somewhere, and you feel that by what you see.

I try to sculpt in a way where I can change my mind until the last minute. My creativity is at its best when I push the medium of my work to its limit.

Art, amore, and adventure!