Falling II

Each of Taelor’s series focuses on the idea and use to the idea and use of the flower. Previous to this body of work, Taelor explored the act of taking apart and piecing back together arrangements of flowers to inspire new variations and compositions.

In an effort to explore another purpose of the flower, Taelor had taken an interest in the movement of falling petals. Falling petals have diverse purposes. They can symbolize a celebration of the changing of seasons.. They can represent the passing of time or even something forgotten.

To investigate this idea of motion, Taelor works with floral designers and photographers to gather her inspiration. Each painting was inspired by a once full arrangement of flower. They were then taken apart and tossed in order to investigate a new view of floral motion. 

acrylic on canvas
48.00 X 60.00 in
Tear Sheet
Order by phone +1 (918) 740-1054

f   P     T


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