Patrick Adams


Patrick Adam’s paintings reflect a connection to landscapes that are abstract based on his habit of climbing and hiking. This 80x35 piece has an assortment of colors and tones creating a contrast between warm and cool colors.

These paintings begin in my observations of the constantly shifting light, color, and forms found in the surface patterns of various creeks and streams that I frequent. From these beginnings in the natural world, these paintings continue to evolve, transform, and reinterpret these phenomena within the poetry of the paint medium in order to realize a more complete synthesis of observation, imagination, and material. The increasing abstraction of these paintings moves them further from a literal interpretation of the natural world to possibly suggest the latent imagery of a world, at once shadowy and glittering, where spirit and matter meet. - Patrick Adams, 2012

• Oil on Panel
80.00w x 36.00h x 2.00d in
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Adamah  by Patrick Adams
Adamah  by Patrick Adams