el Regalo

30” x 45”

Photo on Eco Friendly Sugar Cane paper, in white box frame



El Regalo ~ the Great Divide Basin, WY, 2013

Literally appearing over this ridge as I was photographing a small bachelor band to the right, this handsome Grullo stallion arrived, standing proud, patient and regal. The hair on my neck rose and the feelings that came over me were astounding, in my heart I could feel that this may be my newly adopted mustang’s father. He embodies the exact likeness in look and feel, the exact. He is a stallion of age that should have a family band but instead had a band of bachelors due to the askew numbers of females to males in the area post 2011 round up. He stayed in this very spot for a good long moment, watching his bachelors play and allowing me the time to observe and the days’s remaining light to shine upon him. el Regalo is what I named my young mustang and translated it means “the Gift”. 

photo on eco-friendly sugar cane paper in box frame
40.00 X 60.00 in
Tear Sheet
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