Kayla  Anley

Kayla Anley

As a self-proclaimed naturalist with a healthy sense of curiosity, I spend a lot of time thinking about the omnipresence of birth, death, and regeneration. It’s a cycle that all living things are forced into, and all things surrounding us are constant reminders of that fact. Throughout my full body of work, that cycle is reflected through the native flora and fauna I draw, as well as the medium - charcoal and paper - which is its own repurposing of life. I once learned that nearly all of the elements in life were created within a star first and had to travel through many supernovas for us to come into existence. We are grounded by our experiences here on earth, but in a way connected to something much greater than what we know. As my work is viewed, my hope is that viewers consider the complexity of being, the stories that science can tell us, and the small miracles in surround us every day.