Jen Pack

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Abstract, Painting, Mixed Media

The interweaving of contrasts, oppositions, or normative coloration is the driving impulse of the work. Evolution of the work relies heavily on an embrace and cultivation of uncertainty and the activity of intense seeing.  The work embodies a space in the seam between painting and sculpture, yet is made of fabric. It is made of small distinct pieces, reordered and fused, which become a new whole based on their orientation to each other; yet, each small bit still retains its integrity. This is why the works are collages rather than creations; the color is already speaking, it is the ordering and placement (or displacement) that allows them to sing. Each color is activated by surrounding hues and is most vibrant when in stark contrast in tone, shade, or intensity to neighboring chroma. A color’s inherent brilliance is intensified when dissonant and inconsistent with adjacent pigmentation. These moments are also when remarkable visual occurrences can occur: glow, radiation, melting, luminosity, transformation, singing. The work is in-between: it celebrates the purity of abstract form while daring to exist with zeal.