Eat | Wild Raspberries, Andy Warhol's Cookbook with Suzie Frankfurt

Andy Warhol with Suzie Frankfort Wild Raspberries

In 1959, artist Andy Warhol got together with his friend Suzie Frankfurt to produce a limited-edition cookbook for New York's beau monde. They called it Wild Raspberries (Ingmar Bergman's film Wild Strawberries had just been released), and it's hands-down the funniest, most fanciful cookbook ever produced. Nineteen vintage Warhol illustrations accompany the hilarious recipes - A&P Surprise, Gefilte of Fighting Fish, Seared Roebuck, and Baked Hawaii, among others - that were conceived by Frankfurt and hand-lettered by Mrs. Warhola, Andy's mother.
This beautiful facsimile edition brings the classic book back to life for a new generation. Wild Raspberries is pure delight - the perfect gift for food-lovers, sophisticates, and Warhol fans everywhere.

This vintage book makes a great gift for the modern artist that cooks.