AK Hardeman Bethany Mabee

AK Hardeman & Bethany Mabee | New Work

Aug 12, 2022 to Oct 21, 2022

AK Hardeman & Bethany Mabee | New Work

3524B S. Peoria Ave. , Tulsa, OK

August 12th through October 21st, 2022

Exhibit by Aberson is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by artists, AK Hardeman and Bethany Mabee. The show debuts August 12thth via abersonexhibits.com. Exhibit by Aberson is located at 3524B S Peoria Avenue, Tulsa OK 74105.

AK was born and raised in Alabama. As an artist, AK is interested in the interaction of color and how the arrangements of color create a work of art. Her focus is on colors that express her emotions and feelings in an image that leaves the viewers room to interpret and unravel their own meaning. ​​To Hardeman, color is expressed in all of our surroundings, especially in nature and science. She focuses on colors that express my emotions and feelings in an image that leaves the viewer room to interpret. AK enjoys working with various mediums from oil paint to markers to create her works on canvas and paper.

There is rarely a point I try to get across, a statement I try to make, or a system of signs I wish to give a message or meaning. I am simply interested in the use of color and aesthetic freedom. I try to create the semblance of an object that gives rise to the viewer’s own emotions and feelings. My goal is for viewers to invent and unravel their own meaning.

Bethany is an abstract painter based in Peoria IL. She loves using my time in the studio to explore the truest versions of herself and hopes that doing so will spark a connection for her viewers. Mabee is fascinated by the ever-changing, yet cyclical nature of being human. She enjoys the improvisational roller-coaster of abstract painting. It has strengthened her ability to make choices that are guided by her intuition and create from a place of her own. Mabee loves that artwork offers the viewer a similar experience of reacting from a place of their own and adding elements of those reflections in their home through a piece that they connect with. She is amazed by the layers we have, the pasts that have conditioned us and the cyclical lenses that we see ourselves and the world through.

We are all like little onions, constantly discovering and revealing new layers of ourselves over time. It excites me to find parallels to this in my painting process. My paintings reveal themselves to me, layer by layer, with so many opportunities for happy mistakes, surprise reactions, or, in some cases, wrong turns to recover from.

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