July 26, 2022

Featured Artist | Tai Tindall

Tai Tindall creates engaging and balanced compositions through rhythmic drip pour techniques combined with multi-textured layering. Her artwork is often rooted in concepts that relate to self-awareness, growth, and change, serving as a conduit for sharing her story and perspective as a Black woman in America. Tindall’s Congo Square series is informed by time spent in New Orleans at this historic place where enslaved people once gathered. Her newest work, Over 36 City Blocks, applies similar techniques to explore the legacy of Tulsa’s Greenwood community.

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tai tindall
July 19, 2022

Featured Artist | Jodi Walsh

Jodi is a self-taught artist whose talent emerges in every piece she creates. Inspired by nature, she utilizes a process call “Oritatami Nendo: folding clay”. Her unique style resonates across all cultures and styles. It is rare for an artist to fully recreate the intimate connection we all feel to nature and earth, but through her use of natural and environmentally safe materials and her eye for design, Jodi manages to do just that. It is not unusual to see people smelling and touching her work. Jodi encourages her clients to arrange wall installations so they are part of the creative journey.

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jodi walsh
July 12, 2022

Featured Artist | Cydney Parkes

“Whats your name?” It was always after a moment of hesitation that I’d look up and reply, “its Cydney with a C.” I’ts the phrase that has escaped my mouth more than any other. In fact, there was a time in which I had grown very tired of uttering those words; but that time has long passed. Cydney with a See is no longer only my introduction, but the foundation of my vision as an artist and the cornerstone of my operating philosophy as a person.

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cydney parkes
July 10, 2022

sunday selects | the staying power of neutrals

Deborah T Colter practices fearless trust in her process of creating. She believes a painting needs to have rhythm, balance, harmony, life and a spark of magic. John-Paul Philippe is a native Oklahoma born artist and designer splitting his time between New York City and Sharon, CT. John-Paul's work ranges from paintings & murals to large scale interior design elements such as integrated metal sculpture in both commercial and private venues.

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