Vol. 10.22.2019 | Artist Spotlight. Bernd Haussmann

October 19, 2019

Image of Vol. 10.22.2019 | Artist Spotlight. Bernd Haussmann


Growing from the lineage of abstract expressionism and color field painting, artist Bernd Haussmann uses vibrant colors and layers of subtle washes to convey the emotion of existence. Haussmann's interest lies within what he calls subjective environments: that of the natural world and that of the world within the painting. How do the spiritual, the material, the cultural and the natural environments influence each other? Haussmann asks himself and his viewers if these subjective environments meet, connect or overlap; and how his art becomes a connector and stimulates interaction. Accordingly, Haussmann sees his work as a collaboration between the artist, the painting and the viewer; a playing field where each must work together to create and also understand the greater relevance of both the painting and of life.

Haussmann continues to challenge how the viewer perceives and interprets images and iconography. While some may see the new paintings as more representational than Haussmann’s past work, the artist maintains that the new paintings are among the most abstract and conceptual that he has ever done. Though his lines may appear to be simple and familiar symbols representing mountains or hills or water or waves, we must look beyond the line and step outside of the learned and cultural associations that assume these lines are representational.

His work has appeared in such publications as Metropolitan Home, Elle Decor, and The Boston Globe.