Jennifer JL Jones Frisson

September 8, 2015

Art is something that is every day for me. Whether I am taking photographs or sketching in my journal or painting…or even cooking or having a conversations…I find that I’m constantly creating no matter where I am or what I’m doing

Jennifer JL Jones is inspired by the ethereal ambiance of nature.  She savors the simple things in life: whether it is her morning coffee, light yoga or playing with her cat in her loft. She often takes walks on the nature trails by her home or near the local lake in Atlanta.

The Frisson series was inspired by a recent visit to Santa Fe.  She explains “I can’t explain how free my spirit feels there only to say that it is close to a free falling in love.” Her vision continued while visiting a nearby butterfly garden: all of the beautiful creatures were in different stages of their lives. Frisson is a reflection of these stages in Jennifer’s life…inspired by “life and death, everything in between and after…lovers, friends, and moments [she’s] experienced like this that make [her] feel very much alive.”

Jennifer describes the work in her Frisson series as having a new refined energy that reflects her own personal growth. The work is all “in bloom…energetic, bold and beautiful,” – much like herself as a person. Jennifer stresses the authenticity of the work, explaining that her work is a direct reflection of what she is going through in her personal life. She also sees the work as a thank you to those who helped her get to where she is today. Her journey as a person and an artist is fueled by the desire to reach and grow.

Through the Frisson series, Jennifer wishes viewers will be inspired by the possibilities of opening themselves up. The work itself has a soothing passionate energy that speaks to everyone. This allows one to appreciate the powerful moment of now.