Vol. 06.11.2019 | Artist Spotlight : Mckenzie Dove + Objects

May 26, 2019

McKenzie Dove was born in Dallas, TX but now resides in Birmingham, AL with her husband. Her work consists of pure oil paint applied entirely with palette knives. All of her paintings have a thick, layered texture that she developed after studying the Impressionistic and Expressionistic movements.Inspired by elements of interior design and architecture, and the raw beauty of nature, she aims to create pieces that make an individual statement while being versatile enough to compliment any style of design.



“The studio changes every day, depending on what I’m working on, and because I like to be surrounded by things that inspire me,” Dove says. At any given time, there’s likely to be a potted tree soaking up the light of those floor-to-ceiling windows and earthy curios tossed alongside rough-surfaced urns, classical busts, and a few highly articulated pieces of modernist furniture. “I’m inspired by natural, organic things, like the hide, or fur, or coral, or stone,” she explains. “But then I also love sculptural elements, and I like to have them in the background so I can pull from them.”