Artist Spotlight | Taelor Fisher and Lisa Weiss

May 13, 2019

Lisa Weiss | Taelor Fisher | Opens May 16, 2019 | 6 until 8 PM


Each of Taelor’s series focuses on the idea and use to the idea and use of the flower. Previous to this body of work, Taelor explored the act of taking apart and piecing back together arrangements of flowers to inspire new variations and compositions.

Taelor Fisher


“My work explores mark making, patterning, gesture, momentary awareness and paring down to essentials.
The paintings are process driven, created through experimentation in correspondence with materials, place and time. Non objective forms that predate label, things imperfect and evolving are of interest. The work is inspired by architecture, primitive art, metaphysics and the practice of yoga. I am concerned for the state of the earth, the feminine wave and the reflective slow revolution of expanding consciousness.
Peace & joy to all…”

Image of Artist Spotlight | Taelor Fisher and Lisa Weiss