Brandon Reese

February 12, 2015

Brandon Reese is an artist with a deep understanding of his material and an endless amount of curiosity.


Reese says, “just as skyscrapers test the limits of steel and concrete, I enjoy the challenge of testing the limits of clay as a material by making it do things I haven’t seen it do before.” As he led us around his studio, past his incredible handmade kilns the size of small huts, he explained with fervour his techniques and what excites him about experimentation in the creative process.



Whether the exhilaration occurs when he is forming the structure with his hands or adding salt to the kiln to see what new texture arises onto the piece, Reese clearly is an artist who values process just as much, if not more than, the product itself. Because of this, the raw creative energy that it takes to create his works shines through each and every ceramic structure he builds.