Patrick Adams

February 14, 2012

exhibit by aberson is pleased to announce their representation of Patrick Adams.  

Patrick’s work was recently shown in People magazine when People did a feature story about Lady Antebellum guitar player, Dave Haywood.  

Here is Patrick’s statement about his latest series of work, Potamoi.




The Potamoi (river deities of Greek mythology) paintings are really a continuation of the Morphos (morph - to change + phos- light = changing light) series, which began in my observations of the ever-changing light, color, and forms found in the surface patterns of the various creeks and streams I frequent.  Also like the Morphos series, the Potamoi paintingsincorporate rock formations, flowers, grasses, trees and roots, as well as the occasional small fauna.  From these beginnings in the natural world, the Potamoi paintings continue to evolve, transform, and reinterpret these phenomena within the poetry of the paint medium in order to realize a more complete synthesis of observation, imagination, and material.  The increasing abstraction of the Potamoi paintings moves them further from a literal interpretation of the natural world to possibly suggest, even more strongly than their predecessors, the latent imagery of a world, at times shadowy then glittering, where spirit and matter meet. 


–Patrick Adams, 2012