michelle y williams opening 05.17.2012

May 18, 2012

We were so pleased to open a show last night of michelle y william’s newest work,Best Laid Plans. Here is michelle’s statement for the show. 


best laid plans - statementsomeone once said, (or wrote, or sang) “life is what happens when you’re making other plans” - mother nature most certainly has other plans. be it hurricane katrina in the south or tornadoes in cenrtal US or the earthquake spawning tsunamis in japan & indonesia.

this new body of work is patterned in the fickleness of mother nature. contrasting colors intend to present a unifying mood within the viewer. a nod to cool-dewy mornings or strong-skied evenings, the presentation is of a sentiment that our surroundings so often bring us. while the fixation is not necessarily of a weather-strewn hour, it is of the same turmoil and simultaneous calm that coexist within a storm. it is about the power and necessity of this balance, and about how, as the viewer, we can so continually feel vitalized by what we cannot predict. of course, while a nature of the unknown will remain, the work is meant to help ground us with the ability to stare down this unknown and steal from it a moment of the serene. we must find solace in the bittersweet renewal forced upon us.for better or for worse, there is only so much control we all have - & after that, we must simply let go.-michelle y williams

Come by and see this fabulous artist’s newest work! Show hangs until June 09. 2012.