Brenda Hope Zappitell

February 19, 2012

above see recent  photo from Coastal Living as well as a commissioned painting for MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER, Houston, Texas

exhibit by aberson  is pleased to represent Brenda Hope Zappitell



My paintings emerge from the emotion I feel in the moment my brush touches a blank surface. I am a very physical and spontaneous painter. Moving back and forth with decisive brush strokes and dynamic gestures, I work rapidly to capture that ephemeral feeling in tangible form.

I begin without expectations and work on a subconscious level that disregards logic. Guided by a primal inner voice, I surrender control to the paint, the brush and a visceral process of creative discovery. I apply many layers to my paintings leaving evidence of early marks as a sense of my progression. 

I observe everything in my life in great detail and am heavily influenced by nature, in particular the sky. My mark-making, though serendipitous, reflects these influences. I want the viewer to believe that my vision expands beyond the work itself to a universe I have created. 

Painting in the genre of Abstract Expressionism, I feel a strong affinity for artists such as Joan Mitchell and Willem De Kooning, whose work also emphasizes action and emotion over ideas.  Like these artists, I strive to capture the fleeting, spontaneous quality of “alla prima” painting in my work.