Epras I

Epars means scattered in French. 

While curating and inspiration board, I was particularly drawn to the idea of Bohemian Paris. The fashion, the culture, the food, stirring a romantic color on my palette.

I am currently soaking up the creative allure of Montmarte, and one artist in particular who visited this spot, Pierre Brissaud. His illustrations employed a use of color that was unexpected and poetic.  

I imagine the petals in this series to have originally lived as a flower in a little glass vase sitting next to Brissaud as he sat sketching the world around him.  Each day in the same spot and each day a few petals fell. He failed to notice the scattered, dried petals because he was focused on other things, recording them in his sketchbook.

These scattered petals represent the passing of time and the possiblity of not seeing what is happening right next to us.  While we focus on one thing, we might miss another

acrylic on canvas
60.00 X 48.00 in
Tear Sheet
Order by phone +1 (918) 740-1054

f   P     T

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