Upcycled Propagation Station

Water propagation is an easy way to expand your plant collection and add extra greenery to your space. These propagation stands are created with sustainability and functionality for plant care in mind. Thoughtfully crafted from upcycled chopsticks, they are transformed from waste into a stunning wooden stand that makes a lively decor on the shelves or walls. Each propagation stand includes 4 high-quality polished glass tubes on a natural wood-texture base available in a horizontal or a vertical pattern. The back of each stand is equipped with keyholes for easy wall mounting to create a beautiful living wall even in a limited space.

Made in Canada

Material is a highly densified, solid composite material made from compressed, resin infused urban harvested lignocellulose based fibres. Semi-finished polished glass tubes with a thickened bottom.
7.50 X 6.50 in
Tear Sheet
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