I am an artist from Stillwater, Oklahoma working primarily with wood and metal. I received my BFA in sculpture from the University of Central Oklahoma where I had the freedom to experiment with furniture as art. After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I went and worked as a custom cabinet maker for 5 years. The cabinetry helped refine wood working skills and techniques. I then took advantage of an opportunity to further my skills traveling to Japan and learning traditional methods of wood working used for centuries. Upon returning back to my home town here in Stillwater, I have set up my woodworking studio and am focusing on merging eastern philosophies of minimalism and sculptural form into a functional beautiful artistic statement to add to the quality in our daily lives.

My works are inspired from the potential in organic shapes that surround us in our daily lives. Whether we acknowledge the potential or not, can be a couscious choice. Typically these shapes, in their actual forms, are disregarded as uninteresting or useless. These shapes come in the form of shadows, branches, reflections, stains, liquids, cells, nerves, bones, scars, horns, postures, fruit, vegitables, insects, clouds, rocks, mus, texture in walls & ceilings… just to name a few. Once an intriguing shape captures my attention I record it in a sketch and play its potential with my imagination to work into a sculpture or furniture piece. Eventually, I express the shape to be realized with wood and metal in such a way that chords a feeling in which words cannot touch.