This painting was inspired by the concept of graffiti in Latin. ‘Ego’, or ‘I’, is the part of the psyche that experiences the outside world and reacts to it, between the primitive drives of the Id and the demands of social environment. Gratia’ exemplifies grace, gratitude, and esteem. ‘Semper’ is defined as always and ever. The three are positive  words of strength. Combined with the solid and weighty urn, suspended, moss hanging from its base, a snail dangling midair, the imagery sends a positive message. The snake, wrapping itself around the stem, symbolizes rebirth. The toad, having amazing skills at adaption, symbolizes one who is at a crossroads, a place of transition in work, life, or relationships. The toad signifies treading lightly, taking time to pause and think.

The Urn resonates a timeless elegance and stern authority, its beginnings found in prehistory when humanity begin gathering items in order to carry them.
(‘Absolvo’ is hidden, only visible in certain lighting- the ego absolved)

Oil on Canvas
49.00 X 37.00 in
Tear Sheet
Order by phone +1 (918) 740-1054

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