Insegna De Putti

“Insegna di Putti (oil on board) is the first of a seminal group of works that helped to give my art a new direction. Stylistically, it is one of my strongest pieces, as it represents a departure from my previous, purely classical style, to the contemporary surrealism I now favor.

 Employing the imagery inherent in the theme ‘Discorporate’, a regal feminine figure is revealed by her clothing, jewelry, and her crown of coral and pearls. The fabric defining her has a fluidity to it, adding to her ‘other worldly’ dimension. Her crown of red coral encompasses the cult of Coral, widespread among Babylonians, Tibetans, Egyptians and the later civilizations of the Greeks and Romans. Coral is sacred, believed to protect man from suffering and disaster. Pearls in her crown symbolize wisdom and purity, as well as offer protection. Pearls are a symbol of the integrity and loyalty of the wearer.” 

 The Putti, or cherub, is a symbol of protection, also ‘to be near’ with an angelic spirit. In his hand, he dangles gold medallions, the medallions an expression of healing and spiritual growth. Gold represents the sun and pearls symbolically represent the moon, both powerful talismans.

 The banner, or “insegna,” bears the year of the painting in Roman numerals.
As I painted this work, its imagery came to represent the strength of ‘being’. Everything seen and unseen has its own reality. The movement of the atmosphere continues the same fluidity of her clothing; her regal stance, and the stalwart aspect of the Putti as her protector completed my purpose.

The general “Old Master” technique and style present throughout my oeuvre is evident in this work, but with an added sense of darkness, mystery, drama, and movement. 

Oil on Board
72.00 X 40.00 in
Tear Sheet
Order by phone +1 (918) 740-1054

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