They say behind every horse there is a good story. Behind every wild horse there is an even greater story filled with adventure, drama and romance, especially if photographer, Kimerlee Curyl, is behind the lens.

Over the last decade, Kimerlee Curyl’s fine art photography has grown in recognition all over the world. Having worked on both sides of the camera, she has the natural ability of capturing emotion and delivering imagery that has been described as unique, dramatic and evocative. The intimate connection that is captured comes from her very personal connection to the horse. Leaving the viewer imagining the animal’s breath on their face.

Kimerlee’s work captures the powerful beauty and the poetic lines of the wild horse. Curyl’s horses gaze with openness and alertness; fragility and strength. Her work focuses on humanizing the animal in their natural and very wild habitat. As an artist and a horsewoman, she feels exactly what to capture, immortalizing those fleeting moments of intimate honesty of these beautiful creatures.

Curyl’s calling is to educate through art and awareness. Dedicated to the remaining freedom of the wild horse for many years, her hope is to inspire others, not only to appreciate the beauty of these creatures, but also to take an interest and action in helping preserve their place on the land. “We are rapidly destroying our nation’s heritage.” Curyl firmly believes by the history laid behind us that we are destroying ourselves in the process. Kimerlee is versed in the plight and politics of the wild horse on the last remaining segments of rangeland in the United States. Losing something so sacred to our history, so rich to the land and so majestic to our spirits, the time is now to act in their behalf. She will be the voice of these living legends and will speak for these icons of the West who cannot speak for themselves.