We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.” 
― LeeAnn Taylor

“Frisson” took one year to complete. The idea of the butterfly breaking out of its cocoon was evident to me as I first started this piece… but it was put on hold for months before I had clarity on how I wanted to finish it. I created a small 6”x6” piece for someone I had met that meant a lot to me and helped me mature over the past year. By the time I was ready to finish “Frisson” I knew that it was about my time living and healing and growing myself in Atlanta over these years. It was about my personal transformation from the inside out. and blossoming. I finally shed what was holding me back and became the butterfly…

Mixed Media Painting on Wood panels
144.00 X 60.00 in
Tear Sheet
Order by phone +1 (918) 740-1054

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