The paintings are composed from an accumulation of observations and dreams. Rather than recreating details of a static landscape on canvas, I attempt to distill its essence, believing that simplicity is elegant and powerful in our increasingly complex and distractive world. The paintings explore the juxtapositions of stillness with movement, of representation with abstraction, and of the earth with the ethereal. I feel an affinity with the metaphysical content in paintings by Bierstadt, Richter, Frankenthaler and Rothko. Like these champions, I aim to create spaciousness that extends beyond the limits of the canvas. Overall, I hope my paintings convey something about who we are and what we feel — a balance of mystery and beauty, darkness and hope.

Artistic Process: People, painters mostly, will ask about the technical stuff. Each painting is comprised of thousands of brushstrokes…no mechanical tools are used (airbrushes, sprayers, etc). I’m using a classic oil technique of layering-on numerous thin glazes (‘indirect’ painting), allowing each to dry before the next is applied. The technique takes six to eight weeks on most large pieces, but helps create the smooth gradations, depth and glow. The surface preparation of linen, wood, or aluminum panel consists of several layers of resin or gesso, each sanded by hand to achieve a smooth, eggshell surface. The visual inspiration for many of my images begins from time spent in nature, as well as motorcycling, hanggliding and fly fishing. In the studio, I’ll sketch and note the essence of those experiences. The sketches are developed and then given life on canvas. I’m continually exploring how little representation is needed to capture an experience.


Bank of Marin, Sonoma, CA
Hotel Jerome, Auberge Resorts, Aspen, CO
American Automobile Association (AAA), new corporate headquarters, Walnut Creek, CA
Aparna Architects, Singapore
Halperin & Christ Architects, San Anselmo, CA
First Interstate Bank Corporation, Los Angeles, CA
High Plains Wind Energy, Spearfish, ID
I.R.S. Records, Los Angeles, CA
Progressive Properties, Los Angeles, CA
Martin and Angela Wentzlik, Germany
David Hockney, Carrie Fisher, Davey Johnstone (Elton John band), Chrissie Hynde


The Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles, CA
California State University, Chico, CA

Born 1955 in San Francisco